Winners of the Nature Detectives winter art competition

Nature Detectives winter art competition winners
The fantastic winning entries of the Nature Detectives winter art competition. (Photo: Rachel Hoskins/WTML)

From frosty forests to hibernating hedgehogs, here are the winners of the Nature Detectives winter art competition 2019.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition! Children really showed their imagination and creativity, and we were so impressed with all the entries.

Chief Nature Detective Richard Cooper headed up the judging panel. "Our latest Nature Detectives competition saw us receive some of the most creative entries to a competition we’ve ever seen. From snowy wooded landscapes to nighttime winter scenes, Nature Detectives really captured the essence of winter. We loved to see so many of our favourite animals featured too, and the use of natural and recycled materials really impressed us."

It proved very difficult to pick just one entry from each age group, so here are the four winners along with some of our other favourites.

Winner 8+ years

Saskia, 12

Saskia's entry

We were wowed by Saskia's painting of a snowy winter wonderland. She used watercolours and acrylics, but also made her own brown paint by mashing up leaves with water - very inventive!

Saskia says "I love nature in the winter with all of the fabulous colours of the trees, and I love the cold, crisp mornings.".

Highly commended 8+ years

Connor, 11

Connor's entry

We love how Connor used bark and twigs to make these hungry birds - it's very effective. He even placed real sunflower seeds inside the bird feeder!

Connor was inspired by the robins that visit his garden. He says, "I like to go on woodland walks and listen to the birds sing. During the winter they are the only animals making a sound.".

Annabel, 8 

Annabel's entry

Annabel's drawing of a proud stag gazing through a wintry wood really caught our eye. We love the details she's added - the falling snow, the hoof prints and the texture of the tree trunks.

Annabel says, "I was inspired to draw a deer because I love them!".

Lizzie, 8

Lizze's entry

Lizzie's vibrant collage immediately stood out. The 3D foxes are brilliant - they've got so much personality! We were also really impressed by how she made the distinctive silver birch trunks. 

Lizzie explains, "The background trees were made using a scrap of card and black paint that I wiped across some paper. I'm really pleased with how they turned out.".

Winner 6-7 years

Sabina, 7

Sabina's entry

Sabina's moonlit scene bowled us over. She used scrunched up leaves to create the foxes' underground den, along with bits of painted conifer to create the frosty trees. Her sleeping fox cubs are adorable!

Highly commended 6-7 years

Jessica, 6

Jessica's entry

We really like Jessica's cheeky robins and her twig house is fantastic! We were impressed by how she used different techniques to create each part of her picture too.

Jessica says, "We went on a winter walk and collected twigs and leaves. I made the house by breaking the twigs. The robins were sewn together. The last thing I did was flick paint at the picture to make it look like snow.".

Olivia, 6

Olivia's entry

Olivia drew a jolly robin hopping along her washing line. We really like how she used scraps of fabric to add texture to the robin's body - great idea!

Winner 3-5 years

Emily, 4

Emily's entry

Wow! Emily made this HUGE hedgehog with handprint spines. We love how she used real leaves to create a cosy nest for him too.

Emily was inspired by the hedgehogs that hibernate in her garden. 

Highly commended 3-5 years

Zoe, 5

Zoe's entry

The shape of Zoe's entry made it stand out from the rest. It was a unique idea to use a paper plate to create this 3D hedgehog home and she filled it with natural materials to make it really cosy.

Zoe explains, "I collected leaves, twigs and pussy willow because I think they would make a soft, warm nest."

Amber, 5

Amber's entry

Amber's cute leafy robin really made us smile! We feel she made great use of natural materials here - a mix of leaves, twigs, pine cones and bits of conifer greenery. We loved the friendly snowman too.

Winner 0-2 years

Ethelia, 23 months

Ethelia's entry

Ethelia used ice cube paints she made with her mum to create this blue wintry scene. It turned the art into a real sensory experience, brrrr!

Highly commended 0-2 years

Eddie, 2

Eddie's entry

Eddie's picture was inspired by the park on his way to nursery. We love that he used leaves and sticks he collected while he was there.

Arlo, 23 months

Arlo's entry

Arlo made a dramatic nighttime scene on black paper. It was inspired by a woodland walk at dusk with his mama and papa. Our favourite bit is the glowing full moon he created with silver paint.

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What do you think of the winning artwork?

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