Show your love for woods and trees with the #ShowTheLove campaign

Hands making heart on bark
Get outside to celebrate woods and trees! (Photo: / Mikhail Sedov)

The Climate Coalition’s #ShowTheLove campaign runs from 5-24 February. It’s a time when you can join hundreds of thousands of other people to show your support for the places, communities and wildlife that we want to protect from climate change. 

“Climate change threatens everything we love,” says Woodland Trust campaigner Naomi Tilley. “But trees can help us fight back. From storing carbon to reducing flooding, cooling our cities to cleaning the air, trees form part of the solution.” That’s why we’ve been working with our friends in The Climate Coalition to help preserve our natural environment for future generations.

This year, the campaign is calling on everyone to make a pledge to help the planet, so make sure you and your family get involved.

Practical ways to #ShowTheLove

Sign the Tree Charter. Your support will help preserve our precious woods and trees and encourage more planting so that people and wildlife can benefit in the future. “Every tree young or old makes an impact, and every person who signs the Tree Charter makes the call for strong and healthy landscapes even louder,” says Naomi.

Plant a tree. Whether you plant a single tree or apply for one of our free packs to plant with your school or community group, it all counts.  With your help, we want to plant 64 million trees over the next 10 years.

Spin the love on the Climate Coalition website. Click the spinner for lots of other pledges and ideas to help the environment.

Human heart-shaped frame
Show your love for trees by sharing your pictures on the Show the Love. (Photo: WTML)

#ShowTheLove activities

Here are some fun activities to help you show your love for woods and wildlife.

Twig heart: Collect some long, bendy twigs from the woodland floor (don’t pull them off trees). Bundle them together and tie them with string near the bottom. Then take half in each hand and bend them around to form a heart shape. Tie them together at the bottom to form the point of the heart.

Heart ice sculptures: You’ll need a heart-shaped mould or cookie cutter, a piece of string, and some small natural items, such as a few pine needles, berries or pretty leaves.

Put the natural items inside your mould and fill it with water. (If you’re using a cookie cutter, put it on a baking tray and secure it with some sticky tape). Dangle the end of the string over the top edge – make sure it’s covered by the water. Then pop it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, carefully remove the ice heart from the mould and hang it outside. It will look lovely when it catches the light.

Birdseed hearts: Show your love for the birds by making some heart-shaped cookie cutter bird snacks.

Put nature in the frame: Find a special tree or a natural view that you love. With a friend or family member, make a heart shape around it with your arms. Then get someone to take a photo.

Help spread the love by sharing photos of what you’ve been up to using the #ShowTheLove and #NatureDetectives hashtags.