Natural Christmas crafts for kids

Image of a reindeer made of twigs with a pom pom nose and wool scarf
This twig reindeer will be the star of the show! (Photo: Charlotte Pattinson/WTML)

You can make some fantastic festive decorations with natural items. Next time you’re out for a walk, why not make a collection? Hunt for interesting-shaped twigs with lots of bits branching out; winged seeds; and pine cones – look out for evergreen conifers and search the ground beneath them for fallen cones. When you get home, you can have a go at these fab crafts.

Twig reindeer

This adorable little Rudolph is really easy to make, and it’s fun searching for the perfect twigs for his antlers.

You will need:

  • a collection of twigs – some straight ones, and some with lots of little branches
  • brown string
  • a small, red pom pom
  • some strands of coloured wool to make his scarf.

How to make:

  1.  Choose a straight stick for the body. If you want a fatter reindeer, you could tie several sticks together to make a little bundle.
  2. Choose four sticks for the legs. Position two sticks at each end of the body to form an upside-down V shape. Hold them in place and keep wrapping string around the join until they’re secure.
  3. Now choose branched twigs to make the head, neck and antlers. If you’re lucky, you may find one piece of twig that’s the right shape to make all of them. Attach with string, like you did for the legs.
  4. Glue the pom pom on its nose then wrap some strands of wool around his neck to make a cosy scarf.

Stick stack baubles 

Twig baubles with holly, rudolf, robin and diamond patterns
These stick stack baubles add character to any tree. (Photo: Charlotte Pattinson/WTML)

These rustic baubles are perfect for your tree. You just need:

  • card
  • wool to hang them
  • small pieces of twig
  • craft glue

Cut out any shape you like from card, why not a star or traditional bauble? Punch a hole at the top and thread through a piece of wool. Then lay out your sticks in the pattern you want and stick them down. When they’re dry, you can paint them.

What other festive designs can you make? Perhaps you could have a go at a Christmas tree or a snowman.

Squirrel Christmas tree topper

Red squirrel made from a loo roll and helicopter seeds for a tail. There are pine cones, holly leaves and fairy lights in the background.
This cheeky chap is quite the Christmas star! (Photo: Charlotte Pattinson/WTML)

This bushy-tailed squirrel will look so cute perched on top of your tree. You will need:

  • cardboard loo roll tube
  • paint
  • pipe cleaner
  • lots of winged seeds, such as sycamore helicopters
  • sticky tape.

Fold in one end of the loo roll tube to make the pointy ears, then paint your squirrel. Thread the winged seeds onto the pipe cleaner. Then make a hole in the tube and attached the tail, sticking it in place with the tape.

Pine cone wreath

A pine cone wreath with pine cones coloured yellow, orange, red, blue, pink and purple.
We love these jazzy colours, what colours will you paint your wreath? (Photo: Charlotte Pattinson/WTML)

This pine cone wreath will add a little Christmas cheer to your front door.

You will need:

  • a piece of strong cardboard
  • two circular objects to draw around to make the cardboard base, one bigger than the other – you could use a bowl and a dinner plate, for example
  • lots of pine cones
  • strong craft glue
  • colourful ribbon.

Make a cardboard ring by drawing around your two objects (with the smaller one sitting inside the larger one) and cutting them out. Then use plenty of glue to stick the pine cones all the way around the edge. You could make your wreath extra Christmassy by painting your pine cones bright colours. Tie the ribbon around your wreath to hang it up.

More Christmas activities

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No snow yet? Never mind – you can make your own brrrilliant blizzard with our sparkly paper snowflake craft. Our snowmen paper chains are cute and easy to make too.

This twinkly twig star makes a gorgeous tree decoration. And so do these festive pine cone baubles.
We’d love to see some pics of your creations so post them using #NatureDetectives.

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What's your favourite Christmas craft?

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