Celebrate International Mud Day!

Girl with muddy hands
Get your hands muddy for International Mud Day (Photo: WTML)

It’s International Mud Day on 29 June – a great excuse to get marvellously mucky in some lovely squelchy mud this weekend. Not only is it fantastic fun, but it’s good for you too! Scientists believe that contact with the bacteria in mud helps you develop a strong immune system so you can fight off nasty bugs. It’s still a good plan to wash your hands when you’ve finished playing though.

Bring the mud to you!

International Mud Day is one event that’s actually improved by a downpour! But don’t worry if the weather’s been dry as you can make your own mud. If you have a garden, you can just mix some earth with water – check carefully to make sure there’s no animal poo in it though! Alternatively, you can buy a bag of peat-free compost from your nearest garden centre or large supermarket.

So, pull on your wellies and seek out some mud to get stuck into these fab activities!

Mud pie masterchef

Get a whole mud kitchen going! Crack out old spoons, sieves, bowls and pans, and cook up some amazing mud pies. Decorate a mud cake with leaves and flowers and make mud pizzas with a pebble crust. Get a handful of gloopy mud and make decorative patterns on your creations by letting it dribble out of your closed fist.

A mud pie on a tree stump with flowers and a pebble border.
Use your hands or old kitchen implements to make your mega mud pie! (Photo: Phil Formby/WTML)

Mucky lucky dip

Fill a plastic box with mud and bury some small plastic toys. Little kids will love digging around in the mud to find them!

Give a tree a muddy face

Plaster a big splodge of thick mud onto a tree trunk, then make eyes, a nose and a mouth with some natural objects. You could use some grass or ferns for hair too. Can you make a really funny or scary face? Try creating some marvellous mud creatures too.

A mud face on a fence with features made of moss and acorns.
What will you use to make your silly muddy face? (Photo: Jane Craven/WTML)

Wallow like a hippo

If you have a blow-up paddling pool and a garden, you could even take a mud bath! Just fill the pool with mud and jump in. Of course, you’ll need to be hosed down in the garden afterwards!

Make a mudcastle

You’ve heard of sandcastles, so why not mudcastles too? All you need is a bucket and spade. Don’t forget to dig a moat around your castle and fill it with water!

View of a child in striped wellies lifting a bucket being lifted from a mud castle.
Don't forget to clean under your fingernails when you've finished playing! (Photo: WTML)

We’d love to see some pictures of things you’ve made and how mucky you’ve managed to get! Post them on our Facebook page or on Twitter or Instgram using #NatureDetectives.

Do you have a favourite muddy activity?

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