How to make a bird bath out of plant pots

Plant pot bird bath
You can make a brilliant bird bath using plant pots! (Photo: WTML)

It’s great fun to watch our feathered friends frolicking and splashing in a bird bath. As well as providing them with drinking water, a bath helps them cool down in hot weather and keeps their feathers free of the dirt and dust that can affect their flight.

You can make a simple bird bath out of plant pots. Just follow our easy guide.

You will need:

  • a large terracotta plant pot
  • a large plant saucer
  • strong glue
  • some small stones or gravel.

How to make your bird bath

1. Turn the plant pot upside down – get your grown up to help as it might be very heavy.

2. Spread glue over the top and press the saucer down on it to make the basin. Get your grown up to help you with the gluing too – you don’t want to accidentally glue yourself to the bird bath!

3. If you'd like to make your bird bath more colourful, you can decorate it – acrylic paint is best for this. Seal it with a clear varnish to make it weather-proof. Don’t paint the inside of the saucer though, this could be harmful to the birds that use it.

4. Put a layer of small stones or gravel in the saucer so the birds don’t skid on the slippery surface, and fill it with fresh water.

Where to put your bird bath

Put it in a level, open spot so cats can’t creep up on the birds while they’re using it. It’s good if there are some bushes or trees not too far away though, so that birds can hide in them if they feel threatened.

But remember, if lots of leaves are falling into the bath they’ll rot and produce bacteria that might make the birds sick. Make sure you clean your bird bath and top it up with clean water regularly.

You want to be able to watch the birds taking a bath so put it where you can see it easily without getting too close. Don’t put it too near to a window though as birds might not see the glass and fly into it.

How to attract birds to your garden

A bird feeder will make your garden a popular stopping off point, so if you don’t have one you could make your own. Turn an empty juice carton into a brilliant bird feeder, or make some cheesy pine cones – they’ll be irresistible to local birds! Just make sure you don’t put your bath too close to the feeder or it may get contaminated with bits of food and bird poo.

And if you don't fancy making your own, take a look at the feeders, bird baths and bird boxes in our online shop instead.

Don't forget – we love to see your pictures! Post your bird bath photos on social media, using #NatureDetectives.

How do you look after the birds in your garden?

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