Blossom crafts

Blackthorn blossom
Get inspired by frothy blossom and get crafting! (Photo: Brian Legg/WTML)

Spring is just around the corner, and soon the trees will be bursting into masses of pink and white blossom. Why not bring some of the magic indoors with these beautiful blossom and flower crafts?

Cherry blossom craft

Tissue paper blossom picture
Make your own blossom tree (Photo: WTML)

This pretty collage is super-simple to make but looks really effective. Just collect some small twigs and arrange them on backing paper in the shape of a tree – blue paper looks nice. Stick them down with craft glue. Then scrunch up some little pieces of pink and white tissue paper and stick them on your tree. Don’t forget to put some fallen blossom around the base of your tree too.

If you want, you could use other things for the blossom, such as sequins or buttons. You could even use your fingers to paint the blossom like we do in our video!


Finger-painted paper lantern

A white paper lantern looks amazing decorated with a blossom pattern, and even tiny Nature Detectives can help make it. Start by drawing on some fine branches with a dark felt pen or paint – you might need to get your grown-up to do this bit for you. Let it dry before you start adding the blossom.

Then dip your finger in some blossom-coloured paint and make lots of prints around the branches. Be careful not to press too hard or you might poke your finger through the delicate paper!

Okra print blossom picture

Okra slices
Sliced okra looks like flowers (Photo:

Slice through a piece of okra (a vegetable also known as ladies’ fingers’), and you’ll see it has a lovely flower-shaped pattern inside – perfect for printing. Better get your grown-up to do the slicing though!

To make your picture, first draw or paint some branches on your backing paper and let it dry. Then mix up some blossom-coloured paint, dip the okra in it, and press it down on your paper to create the flowers.

3D daisies

Of course, lots of other types of flower will be coming out soon too. How about making these cute daisies?

1. Cut some white paper into strips of up to around 1cm wide and 10cm long. The longer the strips, the bigger your flower.

2. Stick the end of one strip down on some backing paper where you want the centre of your flower to be. Then loop it over to make a petal and stick the other end down on top of it. Add other ‘petals’ from the centre in the same way until you have a flower shape.

3. Draw a circle on yellow paper using a bottle top to make the daisy centre. Cut around it and stick it in the middle of your flower to cover the joins.

You could use coloured paper to make other sorts of flower too. If you like, you could carefully cut around your flowers and stick them onto lolly stick ‘stem’s using craft glue.

Paper plate hanging basket

If you really want to go to town on your spring crafts, you could try making a whole basket of blooms!

You will need:

  • paper plate
  • craft glue
  • string or ribbon
  • paint (optional)
  • materials to make the flowers, such as coloured paper or card, buttons, sequins, sticks, tissue paper.

1. Fold the paper plate in half and cut along the crease.

2. Spread glue along the rims of the plate and stick them together to make your basket.

3. If you want, paint your basket and let it dry.

4. Punch a hole in each corner and thread through some string or ribbon for hanging.

Now you can have fun filling it with flowers! You could make them out of coloured paper, although you’ll probably need to make the stems with card so they stand up. You could also use buttons or sequins. Another option is to use the 3D flowers above. Or you could collect some sticks outside and attach tissue paper blossom with dots of glue.

Have fun, and don’t forget to share some pictures of your super springs crafts using #NatureDetectives.

What did you create?

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