Snowy Christmas crafts

Silver glitter pine cone
Find out how to make your own snowy pine cones (Photo: Dan Lee/WTML)

A covering of crisp, crunchy snow makes Christmas feel a whole lot more Christmassy. But if nature doesn’t oblige, don’t worry – you can create your own winter wonderland (and Christmas decorations!) with our snowy craft ideas.

How to make paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes and scissors
Snip out some snowflakes (Photo:

You will need:

  • A piece of white paper
  • Scissors
  • A grown-up to help with the cutting

Fold your paper in half lengthways, and fold again widthways. Snip little shapes out along the fold lines – try triangles, semi-circles and rectangles. Then carefully unfold your paper and… ta-da! A super snowflake!

Experiment with different designs - how many different snowflakes can you make? And for younger children, download our paper snowflake template.

Make a cotton ball snowman

Cotton wool snowman
Create a cotton snowman (Photo:

Just stick some cotton wool balls onto a piece of coloured backing paper to make a snowman shape.

You can use all sorts of things to give him a face, hat and scarf – bits of coloured paper or felt, and pieces of wool. You could even stick some little buttons down his front.

Of course, if it snows, you can always make your own snowman! Start with a tiny snowball and roll it until it’s up to your waist. Do the same with another snowball, but stop when it gets to your knees.

Ask your grown-up to help you lift the smaller ball onto the bigger ball. Use fallen nuts to make his eyes (old conkers are great!), pebbles or a carrot for his nose and sticks for his mouth and arms. Then wrap an old scarf round his neck and hey presto! a friendly winter snowman!

Snowy pine cone Christmas crafts

Collect some pine cones and paint them white. You can tie them together with string to make a pretty garland, or glue them to a ring of cardboard to make a frosty wreath. You can even add some ribbon and hang them on your Christmas tree!

Make your own snow

You will need:

  • bicarbonate of soda (about 500g)
  • can of shaving foam
  • container, such as a washing up bowl.

Just pour the bicarbonate of soda into the container and slowly add the shaving foam, mixing it with your hands until it’s the texture of snow. Then have fun making your own mini snowmen! You could even make a whole winter scene using some conifer sprigs and small Christmas cake decorations.

Take a look at our activities section for other snowy craft ideas, such as snowmen paper chains, and check out our Christmas decorations blog for other creative ideas too.

Don’t forget to share some photos of your creations using #NatureDetectives.

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