Conker crafts

Conkers used to paint on paper. The paint is bright red and yellow
You can do all sorts of crafts with conkers, including rolling them in paint to make vibrant pictures. (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Keep your eyes peeled for shiny, brown conkers! September and October is the best time to find them. Look for them peeking out of their spiky green cases, or nestled in the leaves under horse chestnut trees.

You can play the traditional game with them, but they're also great for autumn crafts. Here are some ideas to help you get creative with conkers.

Conker worm
Make a wiggly conker worm (Photo: Michelle Blackburn/WTML)

Make a conker worm

1. Collect some conkers. Ask a grown-up to make a hole in each one with a nail or metal skewer.

2. Wrap a piece of sticky tape around the end of a piece of string or wool to make it stiff (or use a shoelace). Thread it through the conkers. Add as many as you like - you could make a really long worm, or a tiny one.

3. Paint a pair of eyes on the end conker and you have a wiggly worm!

Do a conker painting

Put a piece of paper in the bottom of a cardboard box. Squeeze small blobs of paint onto it. Add your conkers and roll them around! What sort of picture do they make?

Choose red, yellow and orange for a really autumnal picture. You can also experiment with other natural items. What happens when you use acorns, pine cones or sticks? 

Conker necklace and bracelet
Create conker jewellery (Photo:

Make a conker necklace

Choose some really glossy, beautiful conkers and make a chunky necklace – or bracelet – by threading them onto a piece of wool or string.

You could add other pretty natural objects too. How about seed heads or tiny pine cones? You could even mix in some colourful beads.

More ideas

Make conker creatures by drawing on faces, or by adding eyes, ears and beaks made from card or felt.

Use cocktail sticks to join them together and make funny conker models.

Or get inspired by your conker play and cook up some yummy chocolate conkers!

We’d love to see your conker creations, so share your snaps using #NatureDetectives.

Get creative all year-round

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What's your favourite thing to do with conkers?

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