Spring crafts for kids and toddlers

Child surrounded by brightly coloured craft materials
Find your brightest craft materials and get creative this spring (Photo: iStock.com/soleg)

We’ve put together some lovely spring craft ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How to make a daisy bookmark

This is really simple and a great activity for little fingers. You just need some coloured card (green looks nice) and some white and yellow paint.

Cut a bookmark shape out of the green card and snip into it to make a little fringe at the end (the cutting bit is probably a grown-up’s job). Then dip the tip of your pinky finger into the yellow paint and make three daisy centres on the card (don’t forget to leave enough space between them for the petals). Then dip your finger in the white paint and print the petals around each centre.

Natural wind chimes

Brightly painted, patterned sticks hanging together to make a wind chime
Make your own wind chime (Photo: Samantha Oxford-Dean/WTML)

You will need:

  • some sticks
  • sandpaper
  • paint
  • clear craft varnish
  • string

Collect some sticks, peel the bark off and then give them a rub with sandpaper so they’re nice and smooth. Leave them to dry out in the sun, or near a radiator. Then paint them bright colours and when they’re dry, add varnish to keep them hard and waterproof. Finally, tie lengths of string around the ends of the sticks and hang them from a longer stick. Hang them up outside and listen to them clink and clatter in the breeze.

If you like, you could experiment with other natural objects, such as pine cones, to see what sounds they make.

3D blossom tree

You will need:

  • brown cardboard
  • pink and white paper tissue paper
  • a lump of green plasticine
  • glue

Draw a simple, bare tree on the card – just a sturdy trunk and some chunky branches – and cut it out (you might need to get an adult to do this). Draw around it and cut a second tree out of the card. Then, carefully make a cut nearly all the way up the centre of one tree trunk and slip it over the other trunk to make a 3D tree. Stand it up in the plasticine.

Screw up little bits of tissue and stick them on the tree until it’s covered in gorgeous spring blossom. You could even add a couple of bright green leaves…

Spring crown

Child's hands holding paper butterfly
Try adding paper butterflies to your crown (Photo: iStock.com/Zolotaosen)

To make this fab, colourful crown, you just need a piece of card and some paper in different colours.

First, cut a wide band of card that fits around your head. Then draw some flowers on the coloured paper, cut them out and stick them on the band. Finally, join the ends together with sellotape, pop it on your head, and you’re the king or queen of spring!

If you want, you could add some paper butterflies to your crown, or even some real spring flowers.

Bird’s nest collage

You will need:

  • a semicircle of brown sugar paper, or a paper plate cut in half
  • a larger piece of paper for the background
  • a collection of natural objects, such small twigs, feathers, bits of bark, seed heads etc
  • glue

Stick the semicircle on the backing paper and glue your natural objects on it to make it look like a nest. Then draw some baby birds’ heads peeping over the top of the nest.

We’d love to see some of your spring craft creations so don’t forget to post your pictures on our Facebook page, or on Instagram or Twitter using #NatureDetectives.

What's your favourite spring craft?

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