Christmas card craft ideas

Christmas card crafts
Get crafty and creative with your old Christmas cards (Photo:

It seems such a shame to put all your gorgeous Christmas cards straight in the recycling once the festive season is over. So why not use them to make some lovely decorations and other Christmas items that you can squirrel away ready for next year?

Christmas card ideas

Christmas confetti

Just use a paper punch to cut loads of little circles from the most colourful bits of cards. If you want your confetti discs to be double sided, you can glue two cards back to back before you start punching.

Christmas collage

Cut out all your favourite pictures from the cards and use them to make a festive collage. If you like, you could give it a theme. For example, if you have lots of cards with birds and animals on them, you could make a wildlife-themed collage.

Make some new cards

Get creative and make your own card designs ready for next year. If you want them to look really professional, you can buy a small pack of blank cards and envelopes from a craft shop. Then just cut out your favourite bits from old cards and get arranging and sticking!

Little girl making Christmas cards
Make next year's Christmas cards from old cards (Photo:

Gift tags

Use a ruler to draw a cardboard template for your tags – you might want to get an adult to help with this. Make sure it’s big enough to write the names on. Cut out the template.

Choose a section of a card that would make a pretty gift tag and use the template to draw around it. Cut it out, use a hole punch to make a neat hole, and then thread through some wool, string or fine ribbon.

If you’re handy with the scissors, you could cut your tags in a Christmassy shape such as a tree or star. Or you can buy punches in different shapes from craft stores.

Decorative chains

These colourful card chains are a bit more complicated to make but will look lovely hanging on next year’s tree!

1. Cut the cards into lots of circles – about 5cm diameter is a good size. You can do this by drawing around a small lid and cutting them out with scissors, but it’s much easier if you use a circle punch from a craft store.

2. Fold each circle in half with the picture sides facing each other on the inside.

3. Start joining them together by gluing the plain side of one half-circle to the plain side of another, making sure they’re nicely lined up along the crease. Join others in the same way to create a ball and then join the last one to the first. Five circles is a good number for each ball but you can use more if you like.

4. When you’ve made a few, string them together using a needle and some strong thread or wool. It looks nice if they’re a few centimetres apart so make a knot in the thread after each one to keep them equally spaced out.

Pictures for the tree

To make these cute, framed pictures, you’ll need some jar lids (gold and silver coloured ones look especially nice), some coloured pipe cleaners and glue.

1. Find a picture on an old card that’s a suitable size and draw around it using a lid. Then cut it out.

2. Dot the back of the picture with glue and stick it inside the lid, so the lid looks like a frame.

3. Carefully spread some glue around the edge of the lid and wrap a pipe cleaner around it. Leave a bit of extra pipe cleaner attached so you can hang the picture on the tree.

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What do you like to make from old Christmas cards?

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