11 winter activities for toddlers

Little girl playing in the snow
Get out in the fresh air with your mini Nature Detective this winter (Photo: iStock.com/aza-za)

There’s a chill in the air, the days are getting shorter and the trees are shedding more and more of their leaves. Winter may be on the way, but there’s still plenty of outdoor fun in store for our tiniest Nature Detectives. So wrap up warm and try our top toddler-friendly activities.

Jump in puddles

Who cares if it’s raining? That just means there are more puddles to splash in! Now where did I put my wellies...?

String together a winter badge

Take a length of string or wool along on your woodland walk. Keep an eye out for natural objects with interesting colours, shapes, patterns or textures and attach them to the string. You could loop it around your toddler’s wrist, or hang it from their buggy.

Feed the birds

Our feathered friends need plenty of food in winter and you can help them by making a simple feeder. Just smother a toilet roll tube in peanut butter and roll it in bird seed. Little ones will love getting sticky!

With a grown-up's help, slightly older children could make a bird feeder out of a juice carton. Hang your feeder outside and see which birds visit.

Toilet roll bird feeder
This easy peasy toilet roll bird feeder is a great way for youngsters to help wildlife. (Photo: WTML/Andy Hayward)

Have fun in the snow

Build a snowman and use natural objects to decorate him, catch snowflakes on your tongue, or make a snow angel.

Make a shaker

Collect some small stones, pieces of bark and twigs, and other hard natural objects and put them in a plastic bottle. Shake it along to your favourite tunes.

Play Pooh sticks

Drop a stick from a bridge over a stream and watch for it to float through to the other side.

Go on a minibeast hunt

There are plenty of creepy crawlies around in winter – you just have to look a bit harder for them. What can you find hiding under logs and stones? Use our minibeast spotter sheet to identify them.

Make festive pine cone baubles

  • Roll pine cones in paint - choose festive colours like red, green and white.
  • Make a mini Christmas tree by painting a pine cone green. When it's dry, dab it with glue and stick on mini pom poms to make tiny baubles.
  • Make a snowy cone by pushing bits of cotton wool into the gaps.

Create a winter tree collage

This is a good indoor activity for when it’s just too cold or wet to venture out. Glue some small sticks onto a sheet of blue paper to make a tree (or just use brown paint). Add cotton wool for snow.

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What's your favourite winter activity?

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