Dazzling Bonfire Night crafts and recipes

People gathered around a bonfire
Have a brilliant Bonfire Night Nature Detectives! (Photo WTML/Laurence Crossman-Emms)

Roaring flames. Fizzing sparklers. Bursts of neon colour against a dark sky. We love Bonfire Night! So, we’ve put together some ideas to make sure your celebrations go with a bang, as well as some tips to help you protect wildlife and the environment.

Six steps to keep wildlife safe

Bonfire night is huge fun for us humans, but other creatures aren’t quite so keen. Here’s how to make sure they don’t get hurt or scared.

  • Build your bonfire in an open area well away from hedges, bushes and trees – you don’t want any birds’ nests to go up in smoke!
  • Don’t put all the dead wood and leaves on the bonfire. Leave plenty of nesting material lying around for animals.
  • Before lighting your fire, use a torch to check through your wood pile for hedgehogs, frogs and other creatures. To them, it looks like a nice cosy place to curl up for the winter.
  • Keep a bucket of water handy and pour it over the fire at the end to put it out properly. The embers can smoulder for days causing animals to burn their paws.
  • Clear up all the bits of used firework as these can be harmful to wildlife.
  • And remember to keep pets indoors with the curtains closed on Bonfire Night – they can be terrified by all the banging and flashing.

Make a tasty Bonfire Night feast

Baked potatoes are a traditional Bonfire Night treat. Carefully make a cut in each potato, put some butter inside and wrap in foil. Get a grown-up to bury them in your bonfire's embers for about 45 minutes. Don’t forget some tongs for fishing them out!

Fruity rockets: You just need some long wooden cocktail sticks or skewers (foil ‘palm tree’ cocktail sticks are perfect as they create a sparkly trail at the end of the rocket). Load the sticks with chopped fruit in different colours, and pop a strawberry on the end to make the ‘nose’ of the rocket.

Chocolate sparklers: Dip the end of a chocolate finger in a cup of warm water to melt the chocolate slightly. Then dip it in sprinkles or glitter sugar and leave to set.

Dazzling firework crafts

Get creative with autumn leaves and make some fantastic leaf fireworks. Create swirling Catherine wheels, soaring rockets and crackling sparklers.

Or collect some fiery-coloured autumn leaves and small sticks to make a bonfire collage. Glue the sticks onto a piece of black paper so they look like a woodpile. Then arrange the leaves to make the leaping flames.

Have a brilliant Bonfire Night! Stay safe. And don’t forget to show us what you get up to by posting your pictures on our Facebook page, or on Instagram or Twitter using #NatureDetectives.

How have you celebrated Bonfire Night?

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