Facts about foxes: 7 fascinating foxy facts

Facts about foxes: 7 fascinating foxy facts
There's much more to foxes than meets the eye! (Photo: WTML)

We all know that foxes in fairy stories are clever and cunning, and they’re always stealing the farmer’s chickens. But what are foxes like in real life?

We’ve put together some fascinating foxy facts.

Urban foxes are very common

Foxes can survive just as well in the city as they can in the country, especially in areas where there are lots of gardens. Some cities can have as many as 27 foxes per square mile!

Foxes have cat-like characters

The fox may be a member of the dog family, but in many ways they’re more like cats. They have cat-like claws that enable them to climb trees. Foxes also stalk their prey and pounce on it, and they like to play with it before they kill it, just like cats.

Foxes will eat almost anything

Foxes are ‘omnivores’, which means they eat almost anything, from rats and slugs to fruit and vegetables. Town foxes are especially fond of pizza and burgers, and love to go through the rubbish if they get a chance!

A fox sitting in grass and scrub looking at the camera
Foxes can live in many habitats - you might even see them rooting in bins! (Photo: John Bridges/WTML)

Foxes have amazing senses

Foxes are great at hunting at night because their eyes are specially adapted to the dark. They have an extra layer of light-sensitive cells in their eyes, so their vision is very sharp. They can also hear a tiny rustle in the grass from 30 metres away.

February is mating season

Have you been woken up recently by blood-curdling, high pitched screaming coming from your garden in the middle of the night? Don’t worry, nothing bad is happening – it’s just the foxes’ way of finding a mate!

Baby foxes have ‘aunties’

Female foxes, or vixens, give birth to their cubs in early spring – from around the end of March – and sometimes a vixen’s sister, or one of her older daughters, will act as ‘auntie’ and help look after the cubs. It’s good practice for when she has her own babies.

Fox with a cub in long grass
Look out for playful fox cubs and their guardians in spring. (Photo: John Bridges/WTML)

They love to play

Even older foxes enjoy fun and games. People have filmed them playing with dog toys left in the garden, and they’ve been known to run off with balls from golf courses.

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Spotted any foxes?

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