Homemade natural Christmas decorations

Homemade natural Christmas decorations
It's nearly Christmas, so make your home sparkly and festive with these decoration ideas (Photo: iStock.com/Imgorthand)

Now the festive season is in full swing, it’s time to get creative!

You can make some fab homemade natural Christmas decorations with things you’ve found on your woodland walks. Here are a few ideas:  

Hunt down some holly for a garland or hanging decoration

See if you can find a holly bush with some berries on it and ask your grown-up to cut some sprigs for you. They look lovely hung up with ribbon or just placed on shelves or the mantelpiece. If you give holly a quick spray with a plant mister every day, it will keep fresh until after Christmas.

If you’re very lucky, you might find some mistletoe. But remember: never eat berries you find in the woods, and make sure you leave plenty behind for the birds.

Frosty leaf decorations

If the weather’s been mild where you live, you can still find some autumn leaves around.  Collect some pretty ones, carefully paint or spray them with glue and then sprinkle with glitter.  When they’re dry, tie some thread around the stalks and hang them up. A cluster of silver and gold glittery leaves looks gorgeous! You could also use sprigs of fir tree.

Snowy pine cone owlets

You will need:

  • a pine cone for each owlet
  • cotton wool
  • glue
  • cardboard or felt
  • googly eyes
  • feathers for wings (optional).

Separate the cotton wool into small balls and glue them into the gaps on the pine cone. (If you just stuff it with big bits of cotton wool, it tends to fall out.) Continue until your cone is nice and fluffy. Glue on the googly eyes. Using cardboard or felt, cut a small triangle for the beak. For the wings, you can either cut petal shapes from cardboard or felt, or trim down real feathers you’ve found in the woods.

Wintry spider web

Find four thin sticks of about 10cm long. Cross them over at the centre and wrap some wire around to hold them together to make a frame. Tie one end of a long piece of string to one of the twigs near the centre, and then work your way around the frame, looping the string around each twig. Keep adding string until you get to the end of the twigs and you have your web! Decorate it with glitter for a frosty look.

Check out our Activities section for more Christmas decoration ideas. How about our festive pine cone baubles and bright ice lanterns (both age 3-5), or our wonderful winter wreath and twinkly twig star (age 6+)?

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Which decorations have you created?

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