Seven fun things to do with autumn leaves

Close up of light brown autumn leaf with young girl in background
Get creative with autumn leaves (Photo: WTML)

Late October’s the time for awesome autumn colour and carpets of crunchy leaves underfoot. So make the most of it with these fun activities:

1. Catch some leaves! Stand under a tree on a windy day and see how many leaves you can catch before they touch the ground. If it’s a big tree, you’ll need to dash around quite a lot!

2. Find a lovely big pile of leaves and bury yourself in it, or toss handfuls in the air.

3. Collect some of the most beautiful leaves on your walk and, when you get home, stick them on a sheet of paper to make a colourful autumn collage.

4. Create a cute fox face. Find a nice, reddish brown sycamore leaf (use our autumn leaf hunt sheet if you you’re not sure what they look like). Turn it so the wider end (the stalk end) is at the top. This will make the fox’s head.

Now stick on two smaller brown leaves in each of the top corners to make the ears and an even smaller and darker brown one at the bottom tip of the leaf to make its nose. Cut two small ovals of white paper and colour these in to make eyes, or draw them on with a marker pen.

Can you make any other animals with your leaf collection?

5. Grade the leaves from green to brown. Find a green leaf, then find one that’s going a little bit yellow, and then one that’s even more yellow, and so on. Continue through gold, orange, red and finally dark brown. Find as many in-between colours as you can. Stick them on a sheet of paper in colour order and marvel at the amazing range of leaf colours!

Ever wondered why leaves change colour? In the spring and summer, trees make food using sunlight and chlorophyll, which gives leaves their green colour. When there’s less sunlight in the autumn, they have a rest and stop making chlorophyll. As the green disappears, you can see the other coloured substances that are in the leaf. Carotenoids are yellow, orange or brown (they make carrots orange too!), while anthocyanins make the leaves red. 

6. Make a magical mobile. Find some sticks of similar length. Cross them over at the centre and tie them together with string. Cut some different lengths of thin string and use them to hang coloured leaves from the sticks.

7. Write an autumn poem. As you walk through the woods, think of as many words as you can to describe the leaves. You could focus on their colours, such as ‘golden’ or ‘flaming’, or how they sound when you walk on them, such as ‘crackly’ or ‘crunchy’. Use your word list to make up a poem about autumn woods. If you want, you could write it out and decorate it with some leaves you’ve collected.

Check out our Activities section for other things to do in autumn. Tiny children can make a leaf collection and slightly older ones can crown themselves king or queen of the woods with these majestic leaf crowns.

What did you do with your autumn leaves?

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