Moth caterpillars ID

Age 6+

Activity Type

spotter sheets

Activity Season

spring summer

Activity Topic

Minibeasts Butterflies and moths

Activity Key Stage

Key Stage 2

Download the activity sheet (1.54 mb)
Moth caterpillar identification

Find and identify these moth caterpillars.

Moths start life as caterpillars. Take this ID sheet with you next time you’re out and about, and see how many moth caterpillars you can find.

  • Some moth caterpillars are covered in hairs, but others are smooth
  • As they grow, caterpillars go through different stages called instars
  • Caterpillars are fussy eaters – they’ll only munch on their favourite plants

Don’t touch the caterpillars you find. They’re very delicate and their hairs can make your skin itch.

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