Poo ID

Age 6+

Activity Type

spotter sheets

Activity Season

spring summer autumn winter

Activity Key Stage

Key Stage 2

Download the activity sheet (3.08 mb)
Animal poo identification

Get ready to track down some poo and identify the animal it came from!

If you've ever wondered 'what does hedgehog poo look like?' or 'is that fox scat?' then this is the ID sheet for you!

Learn how to track deer, badgers, rabbits, hares, otters, foxes and hedgehogs by their droppings.

  • Some poo will be hard, some will be sloppy and smelly – yuk! 
  • Look for poo in the woods and in your garden 
  • Can you tell what the animal has been eating?

Remember – never touch the poo you find as it contains nasty germs. If you want to take a closer look, break it apart with a stick.

More poo, more clues

Become an expert Nature Detective and learn how to track wild animals by their poo, paw prints and other clues.

Our pocket-sized ID book features 30 animals including dormouse, tawny owl and red squirrel. It's great for family walks in the woods.

Buy it from the Woodland Trust shop for just £4.99.

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