Leaf iDial

Age 6+

Activity Type


Activity Season

summer spring autumn

Activity Topic

Tree ID

Activity Key Stage

Key Stage 2

Download the activity sheet (1.6 mb)
Leaf identification guide

A handy tool to help kids identify trees found in the UK.

Print and make the leaf iDial, then take it with you on your next adventure. How many different leaves can you find?

  • Look out for leaves during spring, summer and autumn
  • Challenge your friends to see who can find each leaf first!
  • Try guessing which tree or shrub a leaf belongs to, then check the iDial to see if you were right!

Did you know? Leaves are large and flat to help them absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide, which they turn into food to help trees and plants grow.

The Nature Detectives leaf iDial in action, helping to identify a birch leaf

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