Get whittling!

Age 6+

Activity Type

outdoor play

Activity Season

spring summer autumn winter

Activity Key Stage

Key Stage 2

Download the activity sheet (768 kb)
Whittling activity sheet

Learn how to carve a marshmallow stick or a magic wand!

Our tips for beginners will help you become a whittling wizard:

  • Find a thick, dry stick - straight ones are ideal
  • Strip away the bark with a vegetable peeler or wood carving knife
  • Smooth your stick with sandpaper

When you've finished carving, decorate your whittled twig using ribbon, string and paint!

Stay safe.

Please be careful when you’re whittling. Peelers and knives are very sharp, so do this activity with a grown-up and always carve away from your body. Keep a first aid kit handy in case of any cuts.

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