Creepy crawly spotter sheet

Age 6+

Activity Type

spotter sheets

Activity Season

summer autumn spring

Activity Topic


Activity Key Stage

Key Stage 2

Download the activity sheet (1.12 mb)
Creepy crawly minibeast hunt

Are you ready to hunt for these creepy crawly minibeasts?

Grab your best detecting kit and head out into the woods or your garden.

  • Search for creepy crawlies among leaf litter and under logs and stones
  • You might spot some minibeasts flying through the air, so keep your eyes peeled
  • Some minibeasts prefer dark, damp hiding places, others prefer sunshine and lush leaves

Not all creepy crawlies are insects. Some, like slugs and snails, are gastropods, some, like centipedes, are myriapods, and some, like harvestmen, are arachnids.

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