• Adam Harrison

    Saving Scotland’s rainforest lead

    I’ve worked all over the world saving forests and helping the people who depend on them, but some of the most amazing and beautiful woodlands and wildlife can found at home. 


  • Adam Shaw

    Adam Shaw

    Guest blogger

    Adam is a journalist, broadcaster and Woodland Trust ambassador.


  • Alastair Hotchkiss

    Conservation Advisor - Ancient Woodlands

    I am the trusts Conservation Adviser on Ancient Woodland, and despite my efforts to unravel and comprehend their complex ecology, I discover every single day that our ancient wooded habitats are even richer and more complicated than I realised the day before. My work focuses on the conservation and restoration of ancient woodlands, and I spend as much time thinking about the history and future of our landscapes as I do the present


  • Alyssa Ralph

    Conservation Volunteer

    Nature is my passion. From conserving our own native wildlife to just being able to breathe in the fresh air.


  • Amy Lewis

    Content Manager

    I'm passionate about British wildlife and love spending time in nature. When I'm not taking to the keyboard to try to inspire that same connection in others I like to test my outdoor and fieldcraft skills with wildlife photography, wild camping and birdwatching.  


  • Andy Bond

    Andy Bond

    Senior PR officer

    I have a passion for the outdoors and nature. My role is to inspire and inform people about everything our 1,000+ woods across the UK have to offer.


  • Arina Nagy-Vizitiu

    Public Affairs Officer - Scotland

    Now is an important time for forestry in Scotland and I am part of the team helping to deliver the Trust’s vision through campaigns and external affairs. 


  • Baroness Barbara Young

    Chairman of the Woodland Trust

    Barbara, Baroness Young of Old Scone, is a Member of the House of Lords with special interests, among others, in the environment, agriculture, natural resources and climate change. She has been Chairman of the Woodland Trust since 2016 and Chancellor of Cranfield University since 2010.


  • Beccy Speight

    Chief Executive

    I love being CEO of the Woodland Trust! We want to see a UK that’s rich in native woods and trees, for people and for wildlife and I really enjoy leading the charge.


  • Ben Fogle

    Ben Fogle

    TV presenter and explorer

    Ben Fogle is a traveller, adventurer and dad, and talks about his love for woods and trees.


  • Carrie Hobart

    Lead Content Manager

    I have always loved getting out and about with my kids as they were growing up and feel passionate about saving our local woods for future generations.


  • Charles Dundas

    Charles Dundas

    Public Affairs Manager - Scotland

    I spend my time reminding Councils, Ministers, and elected representatives at all levels, of the value that creating and protecting native woodland can bring to our environment and society, and pushing for a better appreciation of forestry amongst everyone.


  • Charlie Mellor

    Content Manager

    I love spending time outdoors - there's always so much to see and learn about, whatever the weather or season. Watching wildlife is one of my favourite things to do - I'm a big red squirrel fan!


  • Charlotte Armitage

    Citizen Science Officer

    I look after the Nature’s Calendar citizen science project, which is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved with recording nature.


  • Charlotte Varela

    Volunteer Content Writer

    I've adored nature ever since I was a little girl. What started as a keen fascination has turned into a full-blown passion, and I've developed a particular interest in our birds and moths. I love nothing more than immersing myself in the great outdoors (often with my camera in hand), and writing about the UK's spectacular wildlife.


  • Chloe Nelson

    Big Chief Nature Detective

    I love nature and want everyone to get involved with our fabulous family membership and experience the wonderful woods on our doorstep.


  • Chris Hickman

    Chris Hickman

    Senior PR Officer

    I talk to anyone who will listen about our current campaign work, threats from tree pests and diseases and how we help communities look after their local woods.


  • Christine Reid

    Head of Conservation

    It’s my privilege to head up the Conservation Team as the conservation of trees, woods and the life they support is at the heart of what the Trust is about.


  • Danielle Wesley

    Danielle Wesley

    Content Manager

    I'm passionate about inspiring people, especially children, to explore our fantastic woods and have magical adventures they'll remember forever.


  • Dee Smith

    Senior PR Officer

    From beech trees to bluebells, badgers to butterflies, not much tops being out and about in our woods. As part of the PR team it’s my job to spread the word about the magnificent work the Trust does.


  • Doug Shapley

    Conservation Advisor

    I am a Conservation Advisor for Woodland Trust and a keen photographer and naturalist, with a special interest in birds, lichens and moths. I live in Scotland and find inspiration in wildlife watching, especially soaring eagles on the West Coast.


  • Eleanor Clark

    Conservation Volunteer

    I have always loved nature and the outdoors! As a child I used to love exploring the wildlife in my garden at home and going on walking holidays to the Yorkshire dales with my family. I have recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in Biology and I am now volunteering for the Conservation department at the Woodland Trust.


  • Emilie Bonnevay

    Public Enquiries Officer

    I have what I think is one of the best jobs at the Trust, as I get to spend my time talking to people about their trees, woods and anything nature-related! I love sharing my enthusiasm for the natural environment, and I’m one of those bores who will talk about nature until you stop me.


  • Emma Bonham

    Conservation Information Manager

    It’s the diversity of species found in woodland that interests me most and how it all fits together to create a thriving ecosystem.


  • Emma Briggs

    Programme lead - urban

    Since I can remember I’ve always loved being outdoors. Trees and woodland are such beautiful spaces for nature and I love developing the Woodland Trust’s work with urban woods and trees. 


  • Frances Harris


    I am a lecturer in Environmental Management at the University of Hertfordshire, with an interest in environmental education. In addition to research and teaching about outdoor learning, I am a forest school practitioner and run Outdoor Learning Experiences offering forest school and farm visits.


  • George Anderson

    PR & Communications Officer - Scotland

    I’m an advocate for Scotland’s native woods, a keen photographer and wild food forager.


  • Greg Tingey


    I am a scientist, amateur gardener and Nature’s Calendar recorder. I’ve had an allotment for 10 years so appreciate the turning of the seasons and effects of weather and climate change on the environment. I like to cycle a bit and dance as well.


  • Hannah Vickers

    Content Editor

    I am an animal lover with a passion for wildlife and the great outdoors. 


  • Helen Chesshire

    Senior Advisor

    I encourage farmers to plant trees and hedges. I explain how trees can provide shelter for their livestock, improve land drainage, reduce pollution and soil erosion, provide habitat for pollinators, produce wood fuel as well as enhancing the environment. Having grown up on a farm I love spending time in the countryside.


  • Photograph of Helen Sanderson Keating

    Helen Keating

    Content Manager

    I'm a botanist with a passion for conservation and the outdoors, and love inspiring adults and children to appreciate woods and wildlife.


  • Hollie Anderson

    Hollie Anderson

    PR Officer & Celebrity Liaison

    I'm passionate about telling stories that bring our native woods to the fore. Whether that’s about getting families to explore the great outdoors, or tackling major threats and issues - it feels great to champion nature and wildlife.


  • Jack Taylor author image

    Jack Taylor


    Growing up all I ever cared about was getting outside, running around and climbing trees. It’s what I’m passionate about and it’s why I love campaigning to protect and conserve trees and woods for future generations.


  • James Cooper

    James Cooper

    Head of Government Affairs

    I work to increase the Trust's influence in Westminster, Whitehall and local government.


  • James Martin

    Content Editor

    I produce content to highlight and support the work we do with partners to stand up for trees. I am passionate about the UK's woodlands and the wildlife they contain.


  • Jill Butler

    Jill Butler

    Conservation Advisor

    I'm an ancient tree enthusiast! I campaign for these majestic natural treasures on behalf of the Woodland Trust and the Ancient Tree Forum.


  • Joe Bates

    Content Editor

    I am passionate about the UK's woodlands and the wildlife they contain. Enjoy hiking, cycling and wandering off the beaten track. 


  • John Tucker

    John Tucker

    Director of Woodland Creation

    I look after all aspects of Woodland Creation across the UK. I've been with the Trust for almost 20 years, enjoying every minute of it.


  • Joseph Coles

    Project Lead - Street Trees

    Everyone loves trees - I refuse to believe otherwise, but sometimes people need reminding and I want to help.


  • Judith Garforth, Citizen Science Administrator for the Woodland Trust

    Judith Garforth

    Citizen Science Officer (Nature’s Calendar)

    I look after the Nature's Calendar and Observatree citizen science projects, and enjoy inspiring others to get involved in recording nature.


  • Karen Hornigold

    Assistant Conservation Adviser - Data & Information

    I’ve always loved being outdoors and spending time in forests especially. I feel very blessed to be contributing to the conservation of the UK’s woods and trees.


  • Kate Lewthwaite

    Kate Lewthwaite

    Citizen Science Manager

    I'm based in the Conservation team and look after our various citizen science projects. These help to engage people with the natural world around them and also collects vital scientific evidence about how this world is changing.


  • Kay Haw

    Kay Haw

    Conservation Advisor

    Nature is my passion, especially woods and trees which are just amazing elements of life.


  • Kaye Coates

    Kaye Coates

    Communications Officer - Northern Ireland

    Through voicing the many merits of trees and woodland, I hope that people in Northern Ireland will be inspired to make their mark. Plant a tree, create your own woodland, or enjoy a breath of fresh air in your nearest wood. It’s seriously good for your health!


  • Kayleigh Jacobs

    Kayleigh Jacobs-Rutter

    Content Editor

    There's nothing better than pulling on your favourite wellies, grabbing your trusty binoculars and exploring the natural world.


  • Kevin Stanley

    PR officer

    I’m really excited about working with the local and national press on stories from the Trust. Whether they're about campaigns such as HS2 and saving ancient woodland, or lighter topics, I’m focussed on educating people about how important trees are for people and wildlife.


  • Kylie Knight

    Kylie Harrison Mellor

    Citizen Science Officer

    I love being in the outdoors and like nothing better than to don my walking boots and stride out to look at what wildlife I can spot. No matter what the time of year there is always something to see.


  • Laura Cottam

    Laura Cottam

    Volunteer Content Writer

    I’ve always been in love with the world outdoors and particularly all things plants! I’m currently studying my master’s degree in conservation at UCL and my biggest passion in life is science communication and letting everyone know about the wonderful world we live in.


  • Louise Taylor

    Citizen Science Project Officer

    I manage volunteers who are hard at work collecting seeds for the Millennium Seed Bank, which helps ensure that future generations will still have the diversity of species and the best habitats found on earth, woodlands, available for them to enjoy, as we do today.


  • Lynsey Nixon

    Communications & Engagement Manager - Northern Ireland

    I love being outdoors and exploring the local woodlands. My role with the Woodland Trust is to engage with local communities and connect them with trees and woods. I want to inspire more people to volunteer with us across Northern Ireland so we can protect and create an environment that we are excited to live in.


  • Martha Boalch

    Citizen Science Officer

    I look after the Nature’s Calendar citizen science project. It’s a great opportunity for anyone to get involved with recording nature, from frogspawn and field maple to brambles and blackbirds. Our records go back to 1736 and we currently have over 5,000 fabulous recorders.


  • Matt Elliot

    Matt Elliot

    Conservation Advisor - Tree & Woodland Health

    My love of all things botanical drives me to do all I can to protect our trees for future generations.


  • Mike Townsend

    Mike Townsend

    Principal Advisor

    Despite my years of working with trees and woodland I am still amazed by their importance to our daily lives.


  • Naomi Tilley

    Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy

    I work in the campaigns team and look after the Super Campaigners in Special Branch. These volunteers do an amazing job at spreading our campaigns far and wide. We currently have over 50 hardworking Supers across the country. 


  • Natalie Stephenson

    Senior PR officer

    As press officers everywhere know, not every role gives you the chance to shout about genuinely great things! Here, there’s a passion to get a better deal for woods and trees that’s exciting to be part of.


  • Nick Atkinson

    Nick Atkinson

    Senior Advisor

    I love the way that trees bring out the best in people, through our folklore, our culture and our heritage.


  • Nigel Pugh

    Campaigns officer Wales

    I campaign for Coed Cadw – Woodland Trust in Wales. Environmental restoration and our reconnect to its nature is the solution to many of our issues in adapting to, or in mitigating climate change. The disconnect from our immediate environment has brought us to a crisis. This needs addressing as soon as possible. 


  • Rachel Hoskins

    Content Editor

    I'm a lifelong city dweller with a special appreciation for a good wood. I love a big walk to clear my head, the more trees the better!


  • Richard Barnes

    Richard Barnes

    Senior Conservation Advisor

    Woodlands deliver so many public benefits, as well as having their intrinsic beauty, and I want to ensure my daughters have the same opportunities to receive those benefits and enjoyment as I’ve had.


  • Rory Francis

    Rory Francis

    Communications Officer - Wales

    It’s my job to stand up for woods and trees and to tell everyone about the vital work of Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales. The world faces huge environmental problems. The answer to many of them is; plant more trees!


  • Russell Hedley

    Marketing & Communications Officer

    Being a born and bred Boltonian, I enjoy nothing more than getting out into our surrounding countryside and exploring, particularly for signs of wildlife.


  • Sally-Ann Smurthwaite

    Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy

    I help to campaign for better protection and recognition of ancient woodland and special trees. This is both through supporting our Woods Under Threat team and contributing to our policy and advocacy campaigns. I love spending time in woods because they are beautiful and wild places to be.


  • Sharon Wennekers

    Sharon Wennekers

    Social Media Manager

    I love chatting to people online about all the wonderful work we do. Life’s so much better with trees.


  • Steve Marsh

    Steve Marsh

    PR Manager

    It's refreshing to feel that the work I do helps to take some really good causes forward.


  • Teya in the woods

    Teya Weller

    Guest blogger

    Teya lives on a farm in Lincolnshire, surrounded by woodlands. She loves the wildlife and walking through the different habitats, looking at all the new things to find.


  • Woodland Trust logo

    The Woodland Trust

    The UK's leading woodland conservation charity

    We're helping to plant trees, protect woods and inspire people to enjoy the nature on their doorstep. But we can't do it without you.


  • Valerie I Hurst


    I have been inspired by nature since early childhood. I followed a pathway into business, lectured in business and qualified with an MBA from the University of Leicester. My interest in the natural world has never waned and I have observed for the Woodland Trust for 20 years.   


  • Victoria Bankes Price

    Victoria Bankes Price

    Planning Advisor

    I spend my time working to both protect and promote woods and trees in our planning system. Planning is about shaping better places for us to live work and play, woods and trees should be at the heart of those places.


  • Victoria Granger


    I'm a PhD student at the University of Nottingham and find ancient trees fascinating as they can tell us so much information about our history and culture, as well as being a vital resource for many organisms. I also love how aesthetically interesting and unique each ancient tree looks and am enjoying learning how to spot them in different environments.



  • Vincent Crump

    Consultant Editor

    I've spent 20 years roving Britain's hills and dales with a notebook, so writing for Broadleaf magazine feels like a real privilege.


  • Kit Buchan

    Assistant Editor - Broadleaf Magazine

    Working on Broadleaf, the Woodland Trust’s quarterly magazine for members, I write news and features about things like acute oak decline, peri-urban afforestation and beavers.