19 nature-themed Halloween crafts and activities for kids

Painted conker pumpkins
You can use nature in all sorts of ways at Halloween. These painted conkers make brilliant mini pumpkins! (Rachel Hoskins/WTML)

Halloween: the perfect event for thrillseekers. We've collected our most ghoulish games and hair-raising adventures to ensure you have a spine-tingling time. Read on...if you dare!

Outdoor ideas for Halloween

Go on a spooky woodland walk

Have you ever explored the woods after dark? It feels shockingly different to daylight. Take a torch on a twilight trek and download our spooky bingo sheet. Listen out for hooting owls and cawing crows. Watch for bats darting out of tree hollows and feel silky spider webs against your skin. Can you spot any eerie faces peering down from the trees?

Families or groups can also play torch tag - it's terrific fun as darkness descends!

Remember, if you're exploring after dark make sure you stay close to an adult. Be careful of trip hazards like tree roots and fallen branches, and don’t forget some spare torch batteries.

Yew tree with roots that look like a face
Keep your eyes peeled for spooky faces peering out of trees! (Photos: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Weave woodland magic

We've got plenty of ideas for young witches and wizards. Have a go at whittling and transform an ordinary stick into a magic wand! Collect sticks to make a twig broomstick, perfect for a quick game of Quidditch. Whip up a woodland potion using special ingredients gathered from the forest floor. Or write spells on fallen leaves, then toss them into the wind to release their magic.

Magic woodland potions
What will you put in your magic woodland potion? (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Cackle round the campfire

If you love storytelling, build a campfire and sit around it telling ghost stories. Try a pass-it-on story where one person starts it off and the next person continues.

And if all the scary stuff hasn’t ruined your appetite, make our delicious campfire bread twists, or toast some marshmallows over the fire.

Make a twig skeleton

You can learn all about bones by making a terrifying twig skeleton. Gather sticks, conkers, acorns and leaves, then create a human, animal or a monster skeleton! 

Creepy crafts you can do at home

Create petrifying pumpkins

If you're making a jack o'lantern, why not get inspired by woodland wildlife? Cut the top off your pumpkin, scoop out the flesh, then carve a bat, spider web, owl or spooky tree into the skin. Pop an LED tealight inside and let it glow in the darkness.

Pumpkin lantern
Carve a spooky tree, a frowning owl, or a delicate spider web into your pumpkin this Halloween. (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Autumn leaves can be turned into pumpkins too. Gather some orange leaves and arrange them in a pumpkin shape on the ground. (Or you can stick them on some card.) Use dark brown leaves to create glaring eyes and a grinning mouth.

Leaf pumpkin - outdoor collage
Make a leaf pumpkin with colourful fallen leaves. (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Make ghastly decorations

Having a Halloween party? Make a gruesome garland by painting leaves to look like ghosts, monsters and spider webs. Tie the leaves to some ribbon and hang the garland around your haunted house.

Conkers can easily be transformed into mini pumpkins. Just paint them orange and draw on spooky faces. No need to stop with pumpkins, why not make some creepy conker monsters? Grab your conkers, some cocktail sticks and some paint or felt for eyes. Then, let your imagination take over!

Spooky leaf garland
Make your own decorations with painted leaves. (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Make your own costume

Create the ultimate Halloween party mask with colourful autumn leaves. 

Scuttling spiders and bizarre bats

If you're looking for Halloween activities for smaller children, have a go at making spider buddies. Simply paint one of your child's hands black (not the thumb) and overlap two handprints to create a not-so scary spider.

Spider handprint craft
Hands up if you like spiders! (Photo: Danielle Wesley/WTML)

Or to make a bat, paint a leaf and a cardboard tube black. Glue the leaf to the back of the tube to give your bat wings, and draw a friendly face on the front. 

Loo roll leaf bat in tree
Turn a loo roll into a spooky bat. (Photo: Rachel Hoskins/WTML)

We'd love to see what you get up to this Halloween. Scare us silly by posting your pictures on our Facebook page, or on Instagram or Twitter using #NatureDetectives.

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What's your favourite Halloween activity?

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