Walk to school week: discover nature on the way to school

Parent and child walking through urban tree
Spend some extra time on the walk home to make the most of nature. (Photo: Keith Morris news / Alamy Stock Photo)

Walk to School Week, run by the charity Living Streets, is happening from 20 to 24 May. Walking is a green way to get around so why take the scenic route on foot?

Benefits of walking to school

Exercise is good for you and a walk first thing in the morning wakes you and your kids up ready to start their lessons. It’s great for the environment too as it means fewer cars on the road. Traffic causes air pollution ­– this is bad for our health and speeds up climate change.

How to make the school run fun

Walking gives you and your kids lots more time to look at the natural world around you. There’s plenty to spot, even if you live in a town or city. It’s probably best to save some of these ideas for on the way home though or you might end up being late for school!

  • Plan a green route. Look at a map and see if you can plan a route that takes you through a local park or gardens, or even just a street with lots of trees.
  • ID some trees. Look carefully at the trees you pass on your way. Can you identify them using our Leaf ID? Perhaps you could have a competition with your friends to see who can spot the most tree species.
  • Play nature I Spy. Keep your eyes peeled for nature spots and see if your friends or grown-up can guess them.
  • Walk like wildlife – this is great fun if you’re walking with a group of friends. One of you calls out the name of an animal and you all have to hop like a rabbit, leap like a frog, or scamper like a mouse!
  • Play colour bingo. Look for nature’s colours using our spotter sheet.
Boy running through field
Get outdoors and get exploring! (Photo: Phil Formby / WTML)
  • Go on a nature hunt. Make a list of things to look or listen out for on your walk and see how many you can tick off. They could include:
  • a wildflower
  • birdsong
  • a buzzing bee
  • spring blossom
  • a funny-shaped cloud
  • a butterfly.

Keep your kids exploring

Want to discover lots more exciting nature activities and information? By becoming a family of Nature Detectives you’ll receive exciting seasonal activity packs designed to get your kids learning about the natural world, all while helping woods and trees.